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Local Communities Commend ScottsMiracle-Gro GRO1000 Initiative

GRO1000 Initiative

In a recent article about the GRO1000 initiative, opinion writer Chris Allen of the Sun-Sentinel said it best, "Not only do green spaces provide a sense of community and well-being, but they are also a vital element of our ecosystem working all the time to absorb water and nutrients, purify the air and keep our water clean." The buzz around the GRO1000 program continues as Waxahachie, Texas and Miramar, Florida share their excitement in working with ScottsMiracle-Gro to bring local groups together around a common 'green' project with the power to beautify, educate and give back to the local community. As seen in this story in the Waxahachie Daily Light, GRO1000 funds will help bring a green space to vacant lots in the downtown area. These grants are part of the GRO1000 program's ongoing efforts to install innovative, public green spaces designed to improve our nation's cities.